Industry and research institutes question new research study on the GM maize NK603


Plant Biotech Initiatives in France (IBV), Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) and Growers for Biotechnology, Inc (GBT) in the USA, and the life sciences research institute in Flanders, Belgium (VIB) are among the national industry associations that question the results of the research on GM maize NK603 undergone by CRIIGEN, the French non-profit organisation of scientific counter-expertise on GMOs.

IBV emphasise on the numerous studies already existing to prove that GMOs are as safe as their conventional counterparts. CBI reports on the concerns of a number of scientists over the motives and the methods of the researchers at CRIIGEN. They question the “experimental design”, the statistical analysis and, ultimately, the objectivity of the study.
Links to the full releases and other information:
Detailed response by Monsanto to the study available here.

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