October 2012 Bulletin 'Biotechnology: Agriculture and Food', Spain


The information bulletin "Biotechnology: agriculture and food" by Antama Foundation based in Spain addresses the latest agricultural and food-farming news every three months; each number talks about the latest news related to transgenic crops at the national and international level. Some of the most important news pieces on this number are as follows:


  • The use of biotechnological crops by Spanish farmers has increased by 20%
  • EFSA has chosen not to publish the Séralini study on biotechnological corn because of the lack of scientific rigor of its conclusions
  • Bt corn has increased the annual profits of farmers by 195 euros per hectare
  • Delays of up to 37 years in the approval of genetically modified organisms in the European Union
  • Impressive growth in the adoption of biotechnological crops in the United States and Portugal during the year 2012

The full Bulletin No 9 is available here (in Spanish)


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