CODEX - EuropaBio position on Food Labeling


CODEX - EuropaBio position on Food Labeling

Comments on Alinorm 03/22 Appendix III & IV

EuropaBio supports Codex’s efforts to establish labelling standards for foods derived from modern biotechnology in accordance with the Codex mandate, food safety and fair practices in food trade. However, we oppose any text that causes confusion of the very different issues of informed consumer choice and “consumer health". This can only result in a lack of understanding of the thorough safety assessment that foods derived from modern biotechnology products have undergone. There is no evidence that those thoroughly evaluated products, widely grown and widely consumed throughout the world, have any ill effect on human health.

EuropaBio supports labelling for genetic modification as defined in paragraph 1.1.1 i.e. “when it is demonstrated, through an appropriate analysis of data, that the composition, nutritional value, or intended use of the food or food ingredient differs to that of the conventional counterparts, having regard to the natural limits of variation” when the genetic modification can be verified analytically.



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