EU Farmers and GM crops: A Matter of Choice


EU Farmers and GM crops: A Matter of Choice

All over Europe, farmers are facing difficult times. They are confronted with 4 major challenges:
1) Keeping farming profitable, while production costs are steadily increasing
2) Growing more food in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, on the same if not reduced area of land
3) Adapting to the effects of climate change, including less productive land, new plant diseases, higher energy costs and scarcer water supplies
4) Remaining competitive on a global scale, while being deprived of modern methods available to many other farmers worldwide.

Farmers are struggling to meet these combined challenges while also trying to optimise inputs of fuel, fertiliser, pesticides and water. New technologies, such as genetic modification, are helping farmers to respond to these demands. That is why 13.3 million farmers around the world now choose to grow GM crops ; making agricultural biotech one of the fastest adopted agricultural innovations ever.

The advantage is clear – 13 years of global GM crop cultivation have demonstrated their benefits.

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