What do European Consumers Really Think about GM Foods?


Acceptance on the rise – and so is the demand for information and choice 

Since GM food was first introduced in Europe in the 1990s,consumers have been portrayed as wary, sceptical, and opposed to buying these products. But is this really the case? Recent studies show time and again that consumer perception in the EU is actually much more favorable towards GM foods than is commonly depicted. European farmers know this. They are increasingly choosing not only to import GM material for feed but are also growing biotech crops where possible, because they recognize a growing market at home.
• Some 27% of Europeans indicated a positive attitude to GM food according to a 2005 Eurobarometer poll– this is up from 21% in 2002.   
• More and more European consumers believe that gene technology will have a positive influence on their life in the next 20 years – up from 10% in 1999 to 30% in 2005.

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