EuropaBio Welcomes Commission Decision to Approve Five GMOs

EuropaBio Agricultural Biotechnology

Brussels, 2 March, 2010

Today, EuropaBio welcomes the Commission’s important decision regarding the approval of a number of agricultural biotechnology files.

“We feel encouraged by this decisive regulatory approach” commented Willy De Greef, EuropaBio’s Secretary General. “It offers the necessary predictability to industry and also to the general public regarding the development of a technology that has much to offer to Europeans as a whole”.

Amongst the decisions announced today was the first approval of a GM crop for cultivation in Europe since 1998. “There are a further 17 products in the approval process for cultivation and 44 products awaiting authorization for food and feed as well as for import and processing in the EU” qualified De Greef “However, today’s approvals represent a step in the right direction and a return to science-based decision making. This is essential if European farmers are to be given the freedom to choose whether or not to cultivate innovative GM crops, and if consumers are to be given the possibility to choose safe and beneficial GM products”


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