Are there support instruments to provide assistance in IP matters to SMEs?

IPR-Helpdesk and InnovAccess have joined efforts to provide assistance in IP matters to SMEs and other stakeholders.

IPR-Helpdesk focuses on the specific IP issues involved in R&D and innovation in EU funded projects. The website is aimed at contractors taking part or wishing to take part in EU-funded research and technological development projects. Extensive free resources and documentation section on general IPR issues, how and why to protect ideas, a glossary and an IPR bulletin as well as specific information on managing IPR in an EU research project.
InnovAccess gives you direct access to national resources and general IP issues. The website provides extensive general information on why and how to protect your ideas, on the costs of the protection and also lists specific rules for biotechnologies among other areas. Country specific information provided by the National Patent Offices is also available.
Catalogue of IPR tools for small businesses

This is a catalogue of online tools for businesses about intellectual property rights, developed as part of ongoing cooperation with the USA on this topic.