Can GM conventional and organic crops coexist?


Yes. In Europe, for example, over 10 years of experience with Bt maize in Spain has shown that farmers can and do manage coexistence in practice. A labelling threshold of 0.9% has been set for GM content in conventional and organic crops, as long as growers have demonstrated that they have taken reasonable precautions to prevent inter-mixing. In the vast majority of cases, measured GM content falls well below the 0.9% threshold. If not, labelling is required. As long as this standard can be maintained, coexistence is perfectly possible and presents no problems. In a recent study, insect-resistant GM maize lowered the overall pest pressure, which benefited nearby non-GM maize. Regarding farmer choice, in the U.S., 18 per cent of organic farmers also grow GM crops.  Giving farmers a choice allows them to choose the crops that are best for their land.