EuropaBio Core Ethical Values (CEV)

General Principles 
We are committed to the socially responsible use of biotechnology including genetic engineering to improve the quality of life, to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure diseases, to improve the quality and quantity of food and feedstuffs, to 
produce chemicals and to clean up hazardous wastes.
We are committed to high ethical standards in the development and use of safe and effective products. 
We develop and use biotechnology with respect for human dignity and human rights. We take steps to avoid misuse of our technologies. 
We are committed to increasing understanding of biotechnology among all stakeholders including the public. 
We are committed to an open, informed dialogue with all interested groups (stakeholders) about the ethical, social, environmental and economic aspects of biotechnology and its applications.  
We communicate and share timely and appropriate information about biotechnology and its derived products and services in an accurate and balanced manner and within the legislative framework. 
We strive to innovate and to achieve sustainable solutions for society. We give priority to health, safety and environmental protection when undertaking the research, development, manufacturing as well as in the distribution of our 
products and services.  
We support transparent product information that enables informed consumer choice. 
We are committed to reduce, refine and replace ( 3R’s) animal testing as well as to develop and promote alternatives and aim to achieve very high standards of animal well being. We commit to minimize pain and distress for the animals we use and to use animals in our research only when scientifically necessary or required by EU regulations. 
We support the Biological Weapons Convention banning development and use of biological weapons and will not undertake any research or other activities intended for use in developing, testing or producing such weapons.  
We support the conservation of biological diversity and the exchange of biotechnology between developed and developing countries duly considering each country’s cultural differences.  
We support the principles embodied in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to protect biological diversity including adherence to the principles of access and benefit sharing. 
We support the development of bio-preparedness [to prepare for natural threats and biological warfare] including detection, prevention and bioremediation to support public health and security. 
We support cleaner industrial and municipal processes through biotechnology.
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