Interview with Willy De Greef on the European Forum for Industrial Biotech 2009 (EFIB)



EFIB Interview 

Willy De Greef  

EuropaBio Secretary General 

Last week, the organizers of the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009 (EFIB 2009)  sat down with EuropaBio’s Secretary General Willy De Greef to capture his impression of EFIB 2008 and where EFIB 2009 is going.  


What was the most important result of EFIB 2008?

 EFIB 2008 led to the unexpected conclusion that of  all factors impacting the emergence of the bio-based economy, it is the reliable supply of affordable feedstock which is the biggest cause of concern. This requires substantial changes in agricultural policy. The need for close coordination  between industrial and agricultural policy as a prerequisite for the successful development of industrial biotechnology is likely to become a defining issue in the field. 


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