BIONEXGEN to be celebrated with high profile events in Brussels

Business leaders, policy makers and academics are due to come together in December to hear about the leading developments in industrial biotechnology.

Two events will conclude the three-year FP7 programme BIONEXGEN. ‘The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis’ will be a technical event and will precede the ‘Industrial Biotechnology for Europe’ evening celebration.

The events will be an opportunity for people to:

·         Understand the technology developments from key EU funded projects

·         Come together with the EU IB community

·         See the impact of EU funding and the potential of IB

·         Identify the value-add of a network of collaborative EU funded projects

BIONEXGEN is a flagship project under the Seventh Framework Programme, where the European Commission has invested substantially into driving the bioeconomy. Its goal was to develop the next generation of biocatalysts to be used for eco-efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry. Having benefited from a total project budget of over €10m, BIONEXGEN met its research objectives of the:

·         design and optimization of enzymes to be used in synthetic chemistry

·         development of modified microorganisms which are resistant to heat, pressure or low pH, suitable for use in industrial production

·         integration of these biotechnological steps into applied chemical processes

We look forward to meeting with colleagues from across Europe to share information and network for new collaborations. You can find out more about the event programme and book you place here:

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