Challenges in Drug Discovery and Development

22.02.2013 - 28.06.2013

SBA Academy

Organized by SBA, supported by CTI, SATW, KGF
CHF 150 per module for members of SBA, academia, CTI start-up companies

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Module 1: Drug DiscoveryBasel, 22.02.2013

  • Pharma R&D: Issues and Perspectives (Reto Naef, Novartis)
  • Target Identification & Drug Design:
    Bioinformatics, Structure-Activity Relation, Docking Characteristics (Angelo Vedani, Torsten Schwede, University Basel)
    Case Presentation (Wolfgang Guba, Roche)
  • Compound Screening:
    From Hit to Lead Optimization (Jörg Trappe, Novartis)
    Case Presentation (Marc Gitzinger, BioVersys)
  • Proof of Concept:
    Target Validation from Mice to Men (Thomas Rückle, Medicines for Malaria Venture)
    Case Presentation (Bettina Ernst, Preclin Biosystems)
  • Navigating IP Issues (Bernhard Hostettler, Consultant)

Module 2: Non-Clinical Development, Lausanne, 22.03.2013

Early Safety Tests, Toxicity Studies, Bioanalysis and DMPK studies, Keynote: Issues in Quality Assurance

Module 3: Manufacturing, Basel, 26.04.2013
Dosage Form Design, Drug Substance Development, Other CMC Issues, Keynote: Efficient management of Outsourcing

Module 4: Clinical Development, Lausanne, 24.05.2013
Clinical Phase I-II, Clinical Phase III, Pharmacovigilance & Trial Strategy, Keynote: HFG - Federal Act on Research involving Human Beings

Module 5: Strategy Day, Zürich, 28.06.2013
Regulatory Strategy, Human Ressources & Organising Growth, IP & Licensing, Keynote: Due Diligence



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