Feasibility Study: A Pan-European Market for Technology Growth Companies


Robert Abbanat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

This report contains the findings of an extensive feasibility study conducted over the course of eight weeks during the summer of 2004. The goal of the study, which was commissioned by Easdaq S.A., was to analyze the need and market conditions for creating a pan-European stock market for technology growth companies. The study was conducted specifically to collect data in support of each of the following objectives:


1. Identify and analyze the factors that led to the creation (and initial success) of the growth markets that emerged in Europe in the mid 90s, including: Easdaq ( Nasdaq Europe), AIM, Neuer Markt, Nouveau Marché, and EuroNM

2. Identify and analyze the factors that led to the downfall of these markets;
3. Investigate and analyze the current need and market conditions for the creation of a pan-European market dedicated to technology growth companies;
4. Identify the key attributes and modus operandi for such a market.