The Global Status of Biotech Crops 2008 (ISAAA Report)



In 2008, 125 million hectares 125 million hectares of biotech crops were planted globally, equivalent to 8% of the 1.5 billion hectares of all cropland in the world. This is an increase from 2007 of 10.7 million hectares or 9.4%. More than half (55%) the world’s population lives in the 25 countries planting biotech crops. 
The number of biotech crop farmers increased by 1.3 million in 2008, reaching 13.3 million globally in 25 countries.  90%, or 12.3 million, were small and resource-poor farmers in developing countries. 
In addition to the 25 countries that have approved the planting of biotech crops, another 30 countries have approved import of biotech products for food and feed use for a total of 55 approving countries. 2008 saw three new countries, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, and Egypt, adopt biotech crops.  A total of 670 approvals have been granted for 144 events for 24 crops.