Green Biotech rEvolutions July 2014


This July edition presents the latest European and international news in regards to the developments made on the topic of agricultural biotechnology.

Guest Opinion: Livestock Farmers Pay the Bill, by Alexander Döring, Secretary General, European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC)

European & International News 

  • Nationalisation of GM Crops Cultivation
  • Nationalisation in the Spotlight
  • Industries Embrace GMOs
  • Re-published Flawed Study Remains Scientifically Invalid
  • Guide to IP in the Biotech Sector
  • Hillary Clinton Backs Biotech
  • EFSA’s Positive Safety Assessments

From the Member States

  • France: Event on Golden Rice
  • France: Continued Vandalism
  • France: Precaution vs. Innovation Principle
  • Germany: Science Call for Communication
  • Germany: Public Acceptance Growing for Golden Rice
  • Germany: GMOs are Essential in Animal Husbandry
  • Portugal: Europe has to Take a Clear Decision
  • Romania: High-Level Event on Biotech and Agriculture
  • Switzerland: “Protected Site” for GM Field Trials
  • UK: “GM Crops Needed Now”
  • UK: Vitamin A Enriched GM Banana Enters Human Testing
  • UK: Lord Ridley Argues for GM Crops in The Times

Science & Miscellaneous

  • Alternatives to Antibiotic Resistance Marker Genes
  • Commission Joint Research Centre Workshop “The global pipeline of GM crops: an outlook for 2020
  • Plant Biotechnology Pipeline
  • Novel GM Crops Pose a Challenge to EU’s Safety Assessment
  • Live Debate on GMOs
  • Monitoring the Impacts of GMOs: The use of existing environmental networks in the EU
  • "Shaping our Food": An overview of crop and livestock breeding
  • Miscellaneous news

Green rEvolutions is the newsletter issued by the Green Biotechnology team of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries.