Green Biotech rEvolutions May 2014


This May edition presents the latest European and international news in regards to the developments made on the topic of agricultural biotechnology.

Guest Opinion: Legal Shortcomings on GMOs a Precedent? by Darren Abrahams, Steptoe and Johnson

European & International News

  • GM Opponents Lose Face to Violence
  • EFSA to Keep Pace with Technological Change
  • Same Old Brand New GM Cultivation Proposal
  • GM Pollen in Honey
  • Former EU Ag Commissioner Fischler: “GM Soya Vital for Egg Producers”
  • Preparations for Expo 2015 in Full Swing
  • 7th Forum for Agriculture Convenes in Brussels
  • Different GM Rules Threaten Trade
  • China Seeks Its Own GMO-Food Path
  • India: GM Crop Technology to Eradicate Famine
  • Use of Biotechnology in Developing Countries

From the Member States

  • UK: “We Lag Behind in Biotech Adoption”
  • UK: Green Light for Field Trial of GM Camelina
  • UK: “Princess Anne Disagrees With Prince Charles Over GM Crops”
  • France: Assembly Bans GM Maize
  • France: Activist Group Ripping Out Cornfield
  • Germany: Regions Demand GM Ban
  • Germany: Results of Official Maize Seed Control: Hardly Any GMO Traces To Be Found
  • Germany: Greenpeace Founder Moore Steps up Criticism of GMO Opponents at Second European Tour
  • Netherlands: De Volkskrant Article on GM
  • Netherlands: PM Rutte on TTIP
  • Italy: Court Rules Against The Request of Farmers to Grow GM Maize
  • Poland: Government Proposal to Amend GMO

Science & Miscellaneous

  • EU Consumers More Positive About GMOs
  • Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of GM Crops
  • 15 Years of GM Technology in the US
  • 100 Years since the Birth of Dr Norman Borlaug
  • Miscellaneous news

Green rEvolutions is the newsletter issued by the Green Biotechnology team of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries.