Green Biotech rEvolutions September 2014


The September edition presents the latest European and international news in regards to the developments made on the topic of agricultural biotechnology.

Guest Opinion: Here we go again. Time for a change by Dr. Teresa Babuscio, Secretary General COCERAL

European & International News

  • Commission Delays Import Authorisations
  • Nationalisation of GM Crop Cultivation
  • Fewer Field Trials in the EU
  • Top Scientific Organisations Back Chief Scientific Advisor
  • Vietnam Grants GM Maize Import Approvals
  • Nigeria about to Adopt GM Crops
  • GM Brinjal in Bangladesh

From the Member States

  • Belgium: Flanders Aimed at Personal Choices on GMOs
  • France: “Parallel Science” of NGO Advocacy Groups
  • France: EFSA Thwarts Attempt to Prohibit GM Maize
  • Germany: Report in Favor of Dietary Supplements
  • Germany: GMO Labeling of Animal Products are Costly
  • Germany: VCI President for Rational Discussion
  • Poland: Green Biotech as a Priority for the Economy
  • Poland: Environmentalists Attack the Government
  • Portugal: When Scientists Forget to Do Science
  • Spain: For a Coherent Bioeconomy Policy at EU Level
  • Spain: Risk to Lose Competitiveness in Agriculture
  • UK: Building Trust in Biotech Regulation
  • UK: Scientists Call for Consistent Legislation
  • UK: “Proud of Standing up to the Green Lobby”
  • UK: GM Camelina Field Tested to Boost Health

Science & Miscellaneous

  • Global Impacts of GM Crops Reports
  • Africa Missed the Green Revolution
  • Taking Stock of the GM Seed Sector Worldwide
  • How to Better Nourish 9 Billion
  • How to Evaluate the Health Benefits of GM Crops?
  • Miscellaneous news

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Green rEvolutions is the newsletter issued by the Green Biotechnology team of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries.