Animal Testing Directive 86/609


Animal Testing Directive 86/609

What EuropaBio is asking for

To examine carefully the recommendations of the Commission for amending the legislation that regulates animal testing in Europe.
To encourage a problem free passage of the Directive without drastic change to the current system

Purpose of this meeting

To raise awareness of MEPs and Permanent Representatives on the upcoming revision to the Animal Testing Directive from the Commission and to ask for smooth facilitation of the Directive through the Parliament and Council.


The European Commission is expected to table its legislative proposal to amend the Animal Testing Directive 86/609 in April 2008. The Commission announced their intention to review the Animal Testing Directive in 2001 and the issue gained significant momentum from 2006, following a Commission Consultation on the Directive. As the Commission’s deliberation time has been extensive and thoroughly researched, EuropaBio hopes that the resulting Directive will maintain a workable scheme that balance the needs of industry and academia with that of animal welfare.