EuropaBio – BIO Workshop: Comparative Effectiveness and Health Technology Assessment


Foreword: The Honourable James C. Greenwood, President and CEO, BIO 

With the passage of U.S. health care reform legislation, the second BIO-EuropaBio Workshop on Health Technology Assessments and Comparative Effectiveness could not have happened at a timelier moment. In the United States, we are certain to see an increased focus on comparative effectiveness research as a result of this legislation. It was therefore auspicious that we were able to share experiences and best practices with the international biotech community during this historical time. Now, more than ever, BIO members should look to the experience and expertise of our counterparts in Europe, Canada, and elsewhere as we prepare for what lies ahead.
This workshop presented an opportunity for BIO, EuropaBio, and BIOTECanada to work together, to exchange ideas, and to learn from each other. The participation of patient groups was also critical. Patients must  be at the centre of comparative 
effectiveness policy development. 
In fact, BIO believes comparative effectiveness research is best utilised to inform clinical decision making between patients and their care providers.  Conducting comparative effectiveness research the right way – in a transparent forum involving 
all stakeholders and evaluating the totality of the healthcare system – will enable us to get the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time. Meeting the needs and ensuring the safety of patients must always come first.
I am pleased to present this report on the discussions that took place at this workshop. Only by keeping the lines of communication open and patients at the centre of the debate will we achieve the best possible results.