Health SME FP7 Information Brochure (available in 9 languages)


Health SME FP7 Information Brochure

The Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) is the EU's main instrument for funding research between 2007 and 2013 with a budget of € 55 billion.

The specific programme on 'Cooperation' with a budget of €32.4 billion supports all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies cooperating trans-nationally. It aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas such as health, biotechnology or nanosciences, to name but a few.

Health is a major theme of the Cooperation programme with a total budget over €6 billion for the seven years duration of FP7. The objective of health research under FP7 is to improve the health of European citizens and boost the competitiveness of health-related industries and businesses, while addressing global health issues.

Representing 99% of all enterprises in Europe, SMEs contribute to more than two thirds of the GDP of Europe and provide 75 million jobs in the private sector. Research-intensive SMEs are the main economic drivers of healthcare, biotechnology and medical technologies. Of the €6.1 billion dedicated to Healthcare under FP7, the share going to SMEs is intended to be at least 15%, or over €900 million. So far, however, the EU has fallen short of this target with only 10.8% of the budget being granted to SMEs working in the healthcare sector. This means that there is still more financing available for SMEs and additional opportunities will open up following future calls .