Joint Healthcare Industry Paper ‘The value of industry involvement in HTA’


Brussels, 8 December 2011

The Healthcare Industry is pleased to present today in the setting of the EUnetHTA Joint Action Conference in Gdansk, a jointly developed position paper on ‘The value of industry involvement in HTA’. The paper outlines the industry contribution to the HTA process, both in terms of inputting into the policy setting and methodology development, as well as the industry contribution in terms of specific assessments. The significant industry experience with HTA systems over time and across countries, and their invaluable knowledge of the products developed and the data produced, is a great contribution that any HTA system should build on.

A robust framework allowing for transparency and public involvement will ensure that the HTA process acts as a tool to allocate resources efficiently and therefore free up resources for continued innovation, in turn improving patients’ access and outcomes, and overall system efficiency.

The Healthcare Industry looks forward to continue working with the EUnetHTA Joint Action to ensure that the European collaboration on HTA is a success. This includes making sure that industry is fully involved in the policy discussions within that Forum as well as in the future pilots that will be taken on going forward.


Contact Useful links

Contact Useful links
George Yiangou (AESGP)
Tel: +32 2 735 51 30

Joint paper on AESGP website

Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General (COCIR)
Tel: +32 2 706 8961

Joint paper on COCIR website

Miriam Gargesi, Public Affairs and Communications Director (EDMA)
Tel: +32 2 777 0279

Joint paper on EDMA website

Edith Frénoy, Director Market Access (EFPIA)
Tel: +32 2 62 62 555

Joint paper on EFPIA website

Maarten Van Baelen, Medical Affairs Manager (EGA)
Tel: +32 2 239 20 10

Joint paper on EGA website

Victoria Malakhova, Director Economic Affairs (Eucomed)
Tel: +32 2 761 22 86

Joint paper on Eucomed website

Rosalind Travers, Communication and Association Liaison Officer (EuropaBio)
Tel : +32 2 739 11 73

Joint paper on EuropaBio website

Monika Derecque, Director General (GIRP)
Tel: +32 2 777 99 77

Joint paper on GIRP website




AESGP: The Association of the European Self-Medication Industry is the official representation of manufacturers of
non-prescription medicines and food supplements in Europe.

COCIR: The European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry is the
voice of the European Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry.

EDMA: The European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association is the trade association that represents the In Vitro
Diagnostic (IVD) industry active in Europe.

EFPIA: The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations represents the research-based
pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe.

EGA: The European Generic Medicines Association is the official representative body of the European generic and
biosimilar pharmaceutical industry.

Eucomed: The European medical technology industry association represents the medical technology industry in

EuropaBio: The European Association for Bioindustries provides a voice for the biotech industry at the EU level.

GIRP: The European association of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers is the umbrella organisation of
pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe.

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