“Patients First,” says biotech industry in new Healthcare Manifesto


Brussels, 21 April 2009

EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, announces its new policy priorities for 2009-2010 in a Healthcare Manifesto published today, promoting Patient-Centred Healthcare Systems (1). 
More than 350 million patients to date have benefited from biotechnology-derived treatments. Biotechnology is enabling the development and manufacturing of therapies for a number of disease, rare and very rare diseases including genetic diseases, collectively affecting some 20 to 30 million Europeans and their families (2). Moreover, modern biotechnology leads to more targeted research that allows a better understanding of diseases, their causes as well as the identification of the best responders to new therapies. The Healthcare Manifesto lays out how EuropaBio will contribute to the process of developing patient-centred healthcare systems, detailed in four key policy principles. 
Patients throughout Europe are suffering from intractable and incurable diseases. Empowering these patients and placing them at the heart of government level healthcare discussions is the best way to serve their needs provide access to effective treatments. 
The Chairman of EuropaBio’s Healthcare Council, Andrea Rappagliosi, said: “EuropaBio’s Healthcare Manifesto is our Political Road Map for how to deliver a patient–centred approach to modern healthcare. This means putting patients first in Europe and working together with health authorities, payers and reimbursement agencies in order to ensure timely access to innovative therapies.” 
The EuropaBio Healthcare Manifesto addresses the key policy areas involving:
• Communicating the value of biotechnology innovation for healthcare systems.
• Promoting Europe as the leading research hub for biotechnology and life sciences in the world.
• Supporting the European Union in delivering on its vision for access to orphan medicinal products for all patients affected by rare diseases.
• Promoting reward for innovation.
• Sensitivity about and understanding of bio-ethical issues and values.
“Biotech is able to bring new solutions to old problems. Industry, scientists and patients are natural allies in supporting innovation and medical breakthroughs,” said Willy De Greef, Secretary General of EuropaBio. “Our Healthcare Manifesto clarifies EuropaBio’s policy goals and gives our Healthcare Council a strong position when working with policy makers.”
Notes to the Editor
About EuropaBio
EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries, solely and uniquely bringing together bioscience companies from all fields of research and development, testing, manufacturing and distribution of biotechnology products. It has 68 corporate and 7 associated members, 4 BioRegions and 25 national biotechnology associations representing some 1800 small and medium sized enterprises involved in research. http://www.europabio.org/ 
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