Industrial Biotechnology - More than green fuel in a dirty economy




This report concludes that the full climate change mitigation potential of industrial bio¬technology ranges between 1 billion and 2.5 billion tCO2e per year by 2030, compared with a scenario in which no industrial bio¬technology applications are available.1 This is more than Germany’s total reported emis¬sions in 1990.

However, the type of emission cuts we pur¬sue from industrial biotechnology and how we achieve them makes a crucial difference. As with most technologies, the potential to achieve sustainability objectives does not automatically translate into such goals be¬ing realized. Industrial biotechnology is no exception.

The question is to what extent industrial biotechnology can transforma fundamen¬tally unsustainable systeminto a sustain¬able biobased economy – or just provide a streak of green in a dirty system.