European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009 – Interview with Steen Riisgaard, CEO Novozymes


Last week, the organizers of the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009 (EFIB 2009) sat down with Novozymes CEO, and EFIB Advisory Board Member, Steen Riisgaard to capture his impression of EFIB 2009. 

Why is it important for companies to attend EFIB 2009? 
It is too easy to become focused on the day-to-day  details of running a business; EFIB offers companies the chance to address the larger issues that are facing our industry.  EFIB 2008 was an invaluable opportunity to gather together with other stakeholders determined to bring about the biobased economy.  At that conference, we were able to pin-point the dramatic impact that the reliable supply of feedstock has in realising the bio-based economy.  This kind of breakthrough can only come about with a wide gathering that includes the end users of bioproducts, biotechnology companies, policy-makers, research organisations and academics. I am sure that this year’s conference will 
deliver similarly important results.   
What are you looking forward to for EFIB 2009? 
I will be especially interested in the discussions that follow the feedstock debate and putting in place a reliable agricultural policy that will deliver renewable raw material for bio-based products.   
I also look forward to discussing with the key stakeholders in the international industrial biotech community.  It is through face-to-face contact that the real problems can be identified and addressed.   
What is unique about EFIB 2009?
For EFIB 2009, the organizers have developed the programme to address the specific needs of the industry and maximize the value of time that we spend there.  This has resulted in three dedicated programme tracks focusing on feedstock for the bio-based economy, policies and regulations, and innovation.   
Why have you chosen to play such a significant role in EFIB 2009? 
I believe in supporting quality events that offer value to the companies that attend.  Last year’s event proved to be a great opportunity for debate and discussion with a significant outcome that has helped guide the development of the industrial biotechnology sector and I trust that this year will be no different.  EFIB is the place to be if you are interested in realising the bio-based economy.   
About EFIB 
Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, between 20-22 October 2009, EFIB 2009 will be a 3 day event comprising a strong advisory board, workshops, an exhibition, focused plenary sessions and three dedicated programme tracks focusing on feedstock for the bio-based economy, policies and regulations, and innovation.

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