National Associations Council

EuropaBio represents 16 National Associations which together form the National Associations Council.  The NAC plays a significant role in EuropaBio’s vision of a bio-based economy for Europe and together with the horizontal SME Platform provides particular support for some 1800+ SMEs throughout the EU.


The main objective of the NAC is to ensure the coordination of EuropaBio actions throughout Europe at member state level, giving a focus to developing Europe's biotech sector and strengthening its scope both in Europe and internationally. A close relationship between EuropaBio at European level and the national associations at Member State level is vital, because whilst the EU does hold competence within some areas connected to biotechnology, for others, such as health, the competence remains at Member State level.


The NAC provides a bottom up approach to the regulatory framework. This provides an insight into the national landscape of biotechnology and how this understanding can inform policy at the European level.  National Associations in particular also support a large number of SMEs, for which EuropaBio has created a specific SME Platform. This is a forum for dialogue and support to EuropaBio and the NAC, particularly in the area of access to finance.  

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