Anne Glover: "It is high time to be less modest"


Der Standard interview with Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to President Barroso, European Commissionn 

Published on 20 November by Klaus Taschwer (original text in German)


In an interview for the Austrian Der Standard, Mrs. Anne Glover said she is convinced that genetically modified plants can bring many positive aspects: guarantee nutrition for the world population, reduce the use of toxic pesticides or make an important contribution to the prevention of climate change, as they need less fertilizer. Mrs. Glover said she would eat GM food if it was approved in Europe - from a scientific point of view, there is no reason why it should be less healthy than conventional food.

Mrs Glover gave her views on the level of competition in the sector and the role the regulatory environment plays. Small and medium size enterprises have huge potential and great ideas but cannot compete in the current regulatory system. She also commented on today’s interpretation of the precautionary principle whose application in the face of potential risk halts future progress.


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