Case for GM crops is becoming 'stronger', says chief scientist


Publsihed 19 April 2013 by Andrew Hough

Sir Mark Walport, who took over as the government’s chief scientific adviser a few weeks ago, said the rise of GM was “inexorable”.
Sir Mark, who took over from his predecessor Sir John Beddington this month, spelled out his belief that the genetic modification of crops had important potential benefits for humankind.
Speaking publicly for the first time in the post, David Cameron’s personal scientitific adviser said evidence on the benefits of farming GM crops was becoming “stronger and stronger” as the technology started “showing its value”.
He said the crops could potentially help address the world’s food crisis as farmers struggle to meet growing demand.
Despite supporting calls to relax the stance on the GM crops, he insisted his job was merely to set out the scientific evidence before ministers and not to attempt to sway their decisions.

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