DEFRA minister backs use of 'safe' GM crops


Farmers in the UK should be able to use genetically-modified crops, provided they can be shown to be safe for health and the environment, according to a DEFRA minister.

Lord de Mauley, the newly appointed parliamentary under secretary of state, said it was important that British farmers were given access to GM crops if the science demonstrated their safety.
Speaking at the launch of a new report into agricultural research priorities, Lord de Mauley said EU legislation was stifling research into GM crops, which are being used widely in the USA and many developing countries.
"These (GM crops) are now widely grown in other parts of the world, but have yet to make a significant breakthrough in Europe," he said.
"In part, this is due to the unduly slow operation of the EU approval process, that is deterring investment and innovation in this technology. We want the EU regime to operate more effectively, grounded on an objective appraisal of the potential effects of GM crops on human health and the environment."



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