'Dementia is not inevitable. It is a disease that needs tackling'



Published 11 December 2013

We've heard it heralded as a "time bomb", "epidemic", and "our greatest health challenge yet". The truth is that dementia will soon touch every family in the land. Around 800,000 people in the UK are facing a condition that slowly robs them of their ability to remember, speak and connect with their loved ones. One in three people over 65 will develop dementia in their lifetime.

But I write this not with the aim to frighten with alarmist statistics – but instead to convey the scale of the opportunity in front of us, as leaders from the G8 nations gather together today in London to tackle dementia on a global scale.

Never before has a prime minister used the presidency of the G8 to take action on a single disease. The G8 nations led the "war on cancer" and the co-ordinated response to HIV and AIDs, both of which resulted in pioneering new treatments and a better understanding of the diseases

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