Dutch Study Sees No Benefit of Animal Study in GM Crop Testing

NETHERLANDS - A compulsory animal test used to ascertain the safety of genetically-modified (GM) crops is unnecessary, according to researchers from organisations including RIKILT Wageningen UR.
The researchers have published an article published in Plant Biotechnology Journal about the usefulness and necessity of the compulsory testing of GM food in rodents. As a number of countries with the European Union consider them necessary, these tests have been made compulsory by the European Commission.
Animal testing often adds nothing
However, the researchers are of the opinion that that animal tests often add nothing to the current risk assessment for the safety of GM food.
The study "New EU legislation for risk assessment of GM food: no scientific justification for mandatory animal feeding trials" by Harry A. Kuiper, Esther J. Kok and Howard V. Davies is available from Plant Biotechnology Journal

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