Europe must take a clear decision regarding the future of innovation in agriculture and biotechnology



Europe remains wary to pass laws favorable agricultural biotechnology, and this continues to raise doubts, thus generating debate. In this context, CIB seven invited speakers from Portugal, Brazil, Spain and South Africa to share and discuss their experiences on the subject. Proponents of agricultural biotechnology have reiterated the need to use genetically modified plants to improve crop quality and yield, productivity and sustainability of agriculture in general. They also draw attention to the increasing world population and the need to increase production by 50% by 2050.

Farmers and researchers present at the event said that this will be possible only after the adoption of agricultural biotechnology and other technologies. One of the main conclusions of the meeting was that green biotechnology can speed up plant breeding methods and culture of trees. Agrobiotehnologia allows to production systems in all forms of production: family farms of small farmers and large farmers, and agricultural enterprises of working in the industrial system. Agrobiotehnologia is an indispensable component for cost reduction culture and critical theme in the negotiations related to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It enables the development of farm sustainability, positive impact on the three pillars of sustainability general social, economic and environmental. 

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