Ex-Greenpeace president says group’s opposition to genetically-modified Golden Rice costing thousands of lives


National Post

Published on 11 October 2013

It didn’t seem like a fair fight. Not at first. Greenpeace calls itself “the world’s most visible environmental organization.” It might be that. And there was the new Rainbow Warrior, pride of the Greenpeace fleet, tied to a public wharf on Vancouver’s north shore. Its giant, twin masts beckoned like church steeples. Hundreds of people lined up to pay homage and to poke around the impressive 58-metre craft Friday morning.

The $32-million “eco-vessel” entered service two years ago. Now she’s on a west coast publicity trip. Dozens of young Greenpeace volunteers in “Ship Happens” hoodies welcomed the hoi polloi, briefed them on the boat, manned information booths and handed out promotional stuff: Buttons, brochures, posters. They had the drill down pat.

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