Farmers weekly: Our GM policy is starving Africa


Published 20 December 2012 by Ian Pigott

FarmersWeekly includes an article by Farmer and former NFU Farming Champion of the Year, Ian Pigott, addressing how to prevent the Government’s support for GM from being suppressed by negative media campaigns. He writes positively on the benefits of GM, and suggests that European GM policy is having catastrophic effects on those in sub-Saharan Africa who could hugely benefit from GM crops, but do not grow them as they cannot be sold in the EU. Pigott also argues that the anti-GM lobby’s tactics have ensured the biotech crop market is dominated by a small number of global companies.  
"Bluntly, children in Africa are starving because their farmers are frightened to grow GM crops for fear that they will be unable to sell their produce"
"It is not for Europeans to decide the fate of those in Africa."


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