Food: A Golden Opportunity wasted 6000 times a day


Il Sussidiario

Published 12 February 2014

Before you start reading, please – trust me – take note of what time it is. The lack of vitamin A is the primary cause of death globally, even higher than AIDS, with about two million victims every year, or about 6000 people a day, or again four every minute. When you will be done reading this article, another two dozen people or m ore will hav e died; plus, sev eral will hav e lost their sight. A significant portion of the v ictim s are wom en and children, especially am ong the poor in Southeast Asia and in Africa. These peoples’ diets are not rich enough, and they are prim arily based on just one ty pe of food – often rice – which is lacking v itam in A, or carotenoids such as beta-carotene (the com pound responsible for the ty pical orange color of carrots) and others, that can be conv erted into v itam in A by our body .

The full article is available here.


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