Fundación Antama Bulletin October/December 2012


Information Bulletin October/December 2012

The information bulletin "Biotechnology: agriculture and food" by Antama Foundation based in Spain addresses the latest agricultural and food-farming news every three months; each number talks about the latest news related to transgenic crops at the national and international level. Some of the most important news pieces on this number are as follows:
1. The additional gross margin obtained by Spanish farmers due to transgenic maize in 2012 was over 11 million Euros
2. GM crops: 44 years of undue delays as politics beats scientific evidence in Europe
3. EFSA rejects officially Seralini study on risks of consuming GM maize
4. The Minister of Agriculture of Spain is committed to a more sustainable agriculture with fewer resources
5. INTERVIEW: Ignacio Eseverri, Spanish GM maize farmer: “The European Union appreciates more votes than agriculture”

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