GMO greenhouse barley well accepted


Ag Professional

Published 14 March by Rich Keller
REYKJAVIK, Iceland—Acceptance of genetically modified plant products is no problem for women to use when trying to stop skin wrinkles. A skin “serum” with protein derived from genetically modified barley is being marketed in 22 countries from a corporation based in the small country of Iceland.
The proteins are being extracted from GM barley grown in greenhouses on the island. Orf Genetics devised its greenhouse barley production platform after four scientists discovered a way to alter barley to produce various proteins in the barley seed harvested at the end of a 2 ½ to three month greenhouse growing season.
“We started out simply with an idea, and we were plant geneticist with a plant biology background. We weren’t the first to use plants for this purpose, but we were the first in the world to come to the market with products. Traditionally, these kinds of proteins are produced in bacteria or in animal cells, and there is a risk of infection or viral contamination,” said Einar Mäntylä, Ph.D., vice president, director of research liaison and intellectual property for Orf Genetics and one of the founders of the company.