GMOs – implications for trade and developing countries


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Published 18/04/2013

GM crops are grown by more than 17 million farmers around the world, the majority of them smallholder farmers in developing countries: GMs are cultivated in 20 developing countries and 8 industrial countries worldwide. Soya and maize are the most planted GM crops around the globe, followed by cotton and oilseed rape.

The difference of pace for import approvals between the EU and exporting countries causes trade problems - while the EU still takes close to 3.7 years on average for an import approval, approvals in Brazil currently take just over 2 years, and the U.S. is aiming for 1.5 years. However, the EU has no intention to speed up the system in the near future, Eric Poudelet, Director Safety of the Food chain, DG SANCO, European Commission declared in an event on the topic at the beginning of the month in Brussels.

The full article is available here.

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