Growing Voices Launch - Healthy food – The Untold story of GM crops


To mark the launch of the new ‘Growing Voices’ online platform, EuropaBio helds a high-level panel discussion on the consumer benefits of GM crops with speakers from politics, academia and civil society, on Wednesday, 22 January, 2014, in Brussels. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.


Following the welcome and keynote addresses, two moderated panel discussions, including audience participation will be hosted on the topics

1.       Direct health and consumer benefits of GM crops: evidence, impact and future developments

2.       How can we capture the best uses of the benefits of GM crops to help man and nature?


There are increasingly ‘Growing Voices’ from NGOs, science, the media, politics and the food chain calling for the European Union to think again about GM. However, establishing greater consumer demand for this technology is an important step in enabling political action. Unknown to many, GM crops are already beginning to demonstrate significant potential health benefits to consumers both in the developing and developed world. Through this event and the ‘Growing Voices’ website, EuropaBio wants to provide access to information and opinion that can support a more informed public discussion.



The event Programme is available here.

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