How to boost agriculture in Africa


Mail and Guardian

Published 20 September 2013

My expertise is in growing businesses, not crops. But you don't need to be a farmer, a soil scientist or a policy expert to know that agriculture is key to Africa's future.

How, after all, could this not be the case? Agriculture remains, by far, our continent's biggest industry and biggest employer. Although there has been remarkable success in many other sectors, agriculture still accounts for nearly 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of African countries and the livelihoods of seven out of 10 people. Evidence from Asia and Latin America also shows that increasing agricultural productivity is a powerful motor for wider economic development.

This is why the gathering in Mozambique last week of many of our continent's leaders in agriculture was so important. The African Green Revolution Forum in Maputo had the task of finding ways to accelerate the transformation of agriculture on the continent.

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