Italian news site reports Friuli region mayor supports growing GMOs as regional regulations for farmers are put in place


Local Messagero

Published 08 January 2014

If you want, Fidenato can come to grow here."Few words but break a wall, one far granitic against GMOs. Peter Dri is the first public administrator of Friuli Venezia Giulia who dares to time. But the mayor (who is also elected provincial councilor in Udine share PDL) does not shrink and does not fear the arrows of the purists of traditional crops. "I'm a curious and inquisitive - he says - I made plans to search for Telethon in the past. But I have no "hook" with the multinational GMO, neither contacts nor winks.My position is independent, it is good to highlight it. " (...) Dri is aware of being a pioneer, at least here in Friuli. "Yes, some probably are the first administrator to open - notes - but I do not see why we should have barred if the use of more targeted products and intelligent fruit of modern science can give us a hand and take the benefits. There are more than 20 years that GMOs exist in the world, if they had had negative effects on health, we would have heard about it.

The full article is available in Italian, here.

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