The Luddites are losing the battle of GM crops


The Times

Published on 11 June 2013

Most speech writers would have advised a more cautious line of attack. Most spin doctors would have counselled against the “L” word. So you could only admire the boldness of Theo Simon’s argument last year, standing by a field of GM wheat that he intended to destroy.

“We’ve been accused of being Luddites,” said the veteran environmental activist to the 200-odd protesters. “Well we are proud to say we stand in the Luddite legacy.”

The promise this week by David Willetts, the Science Minister, to work to ease controls on GM crops was in danger of reviving Simon's movement, one, unlike the Luddites, that is still regarded as one of the most successful in recent history. That day last year, though, it failed — and the reasons for this show why Mr Willetts may just win.

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