More, not less yield is the best way to meet global demand for more food



Published 12 November 2013

To meet the probably needed 70 to 100% increase of food supply over the next fifty or so years, agricultural output will have to substantially increase, and most of it will have to come from increased productivity, argues Brian Gardner.

Brian Gardner is a published author who has written about food and agriculture issues for thirty years. His most recent book, Global Food Futures, was published by Bloomsbury earlier this year.

The world is going to need more food to meet demand from an increase in the world population of at least 30% over the next four decades. Of that there is little doubt.

Increased production can only be achieved in one of two ways: either by increasing global farmed area or by increasing output from existing farmed land. In fact, it is likely that that given the also inevitable trend of urbanisation in less developed countries, significant parts of currently cultivated land will be overrun by non-farm uses.

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