Nathalie Moll, EuropaBio Secretary General: Potential of Personalized Medicine in addressing Healthcare Systems' Needs


The European Files

December 2013- January 2014

In Europe, the population is aging rapidly, which is already placing greater strains on national healthcare systems. Economic stagnation has seriously hampered the ability of Member States to invest in innovative new treatments and in world-leading research. However, innovative therapies, such as Personalised Medicine,might play an important role in facing these challenges and help in addressing the healthcare systems’ needs. Most importantly, Personalised Medicine could play a significant role in helping to ensure a fitter, healthier European population, lower Europe’s burden of disease and address currently unmet medical needs.

Personalised Medicine is an area of healthcare that provides the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time, by using modern biology’s new methods and tools. This approach combines diagnostic and therapeutic tools to create predictable outcomes and tailor medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. As Personalised Medicine offers a new and more scientific approach to diagnosing and understanding diseases, they will lead to more effective treatment decisions for individual patients. In other words accurate and right diagnosis will lead to more ‘tailored’ and effective treatment.

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