Survey results: What farmers really think about GM


Farmers Weekly

Published on 12 June 2013

Some 61% of British farmers would grow GM crops if it were legal to do so, a Farmers Weekly survey has revealed. The survey, conducted in association with Barclays Bank, gathered opinions from more than 600 farmers across the UK.The results have revealed that GM technology remains a polarising issue for the farming industry.

While 61% said that given the opportunity they would grow a GM crop, 39% said they would not. Some 47% believed that GM technology was a good innovation - needed for UK agriculture to maximise output and profitability - while 26% would under no circumstances grow GM crops.

For those happy to grow GM crops the key advantages (see table 1) were perceived to be reduced environmental impact, putting UK farmers on a level playing field with those farmers already growing GM crops overseas and a decreased cost of production.

The full article is available here.

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