TNO, VITO & Green Chemistry Campus launch Biorizon >> The Way to Aromatics



Published 03 December 2013

TNO, VITO and the Green Chemistry Campus launch Biorizon >> The Way to Aromatics. This Shared Research Center is anticipating the expected growing shortage of aromatics from the petrochemical industry and the widely shared ambition to green the chemical industry. Biorizon has received €2,5 million start up funding that enables them to start working on innovative technologies to develop aromatics out of agro-residuals.

Biorizon's ambition is to become one of the world's top centers within five years. Currently Biorizon is attracting global leaders as well as SME's in the fields of feedstock, conversion, equipment and end products to join their Shared Research Center.

"Biorizon's initial focus will be on the technology development for the production of biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals and coatings. In time, laboratory experiments, demo-scale piloting for selected technologies and an extensive knowledge and patent portfolio of innovative process routes and novel products will be delivered as results for the participating companies",says Florian Graichen from VITO.

Read the full Press Release here.

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