Translations of the Consensus Information Document on biosimilars will foster stakeholders’ understanding of biosimilars in Member States


EuropaBio welcomes the publication of translations of the Consensus Information Document on biosimilars into French, German, Italian and Spanish on the European Commission’s website.

By facilitating the dissemination of the consensus document in Member States, we are confident that these translations will contribute to increase national stakeholders’ understanding of the scientific and regulatory underpinnings of biosimilars, as well as their market dynamics. 

EuropaBio would like to take this opportunity to also provide a Briefing Note, a Questions & Answers document and a short presentation on the Consensus Information Document for interested stakeholders. These documents summarize the key findings and conclusions from the Consensus Information Document as well as additional background information on the Process on Corporate Responsibility in the field of Pharmaceuticals, also known as the “Tajani Initative”. 

EuropaBio remains committed to raise stakeholders’ awareness and understanding about the specificities of biosimilars.

Presentation on biosimilars under Tajani initiative

EuropaBio Briefing Paper on biosimilars under Tajani's Initiative

EuropaBio QA on biosimilars under Tajani's Initiative

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