VIB position paper: Genetically modified crops do NOT belong in the EEA



Published 12 March 2013

In January the European Environmental Agency (EEA) released an extensive report warning against repeating mistakes from the past. In the report, the authors bundled various chemical substances and technologies that – according to them – have long been known to be harmful to the environment and/or public health. The report ‘Late lessons from early warnings’ also dedicates a chapter to genetically modified crops (GMOs). The section about GMOs is very one-sided and focuses on the impact of multi-nationals. As the report is intended to assist policy makers in their decisions, VIB feels that it needs to respond in its capacity as a scientific institute. After all, GMO technology is a safe technology. In addition, GMOs in an integrated agricultural model can assist in providing solutions for the great challenges that agriculture is facing. Side-lining GMO technology due to unfounded fears and/or ideology would be a huge mistake.

The full article is available here


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