Workshop on Environmental risk assessment of GM crops in the European Union


On 27-28 February, EuropaBio organized a workshop in Brussels that brought together representatives of the industry, Academia, EFSA, the European Commission and EU Member States to discuss key issues related to the EFSA guidance documents for performing environmental risk assessments to support applications for importing or cultivating GM plants:

-Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified plants (2010); and

-Scientific Opinion on the assessment of potential impacts of genetically modified plants on non-target organisms (2010).

The EuropaBio Environmental Risk Assessment Working Group (ERAG) has analyzed these guidance documents. The workshop provided a good opportunity to achieve a common understanding among stakeholders on the requirements laid out in these EFSA guidance documents.

For more information, please contact Manuel Gomez-Barbero

Please, find below the programme, speakers' presentations and a summary report.


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