Recognising biotechnology’s contribution to food production, health and sustainability. EuropaBio’s Secretary General, Nathalie Moll receives 2013 Women Innovation prize, organised by Women&Technologies®


Milan, November 5th, 2013: Today, Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio is being awarded the “2013 Women Innovation” prize by the jury of Women&Technologies® during this year’s edition of the conference. The international Women&Technologies® conference now in its 6th edition, is focusing on food and nutrition, as well as health, sustainability and innovation in view of the 2015 EXPO which will take place in Milan around the key themes of Feeding the planet and Energy for life. The conference itself and associated activities, such as the FutureCamp Europe and the annual Technovisionaries awards, have a dual role. Firstly, they aim to raise awareness about the role of innovation and new technologies in increasing sustainability for future generations, while underlining the specific role played by women therein. Secondly, they aim to entice the "2015 generation" to follow professional careers that involve the discovery of new and innovative solutions to meet societal grand challenges.

The Technovisionaries award publicly recognises women who have demonstrated an ability to combine creativity and innovation in order to improve quality of life, in particular in the area of food and nutrition. “Women have shown an increased commitment in using new technologies while also making progress in developing technology and promoting innovation”, declared Gianna Martinengo, founder and chairwoman of the conference.

“I studied biotechnology because I was and am passionate about the role of this technology in combating hunger and disease, especially in less developed countries. I believe that this award comes as a recognition of the contribution that the incredible technology which is biotechnology makes in the fight against malnutrition and food insecurity as well as in other fields such as improved health and sustainability”, commented Mrs Moll. “2013 witnessed many meaningful events at EU and international level in the world of biotechnology, including the first edition of the European Biotech Week launched across Europe in October in which FutureCamp Europe took part and the World Food Prize awarding Prof. Van Montagu for his role in enabling genetic improvement of plants. I am sure that we can continue to make great strides ahead if we harness our minds and hearts to continue to focus on what really matters: applying technology to improve health, sustainability and food security for everyone”, she added.

During the conference, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Digital Agenda for Europe received the Special European Prize from the President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, “for the extraordinary commitment to create shared and durable conditions of growth of telecommunications in Europe, fostering equality and competitiveness of women and young generations in a progressively more digital world".


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