What are the facts and figures for healthcare biotechnology?

From diagnosis to treatment and in terms of medicines manufactured, healthcare biotechnology is already delivering on its promises

  • More than 350 million patients have to date benefited from biotech medicines (including gene technology) to treat or prevent heart attacks, stroke, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, leukemia, hepatitis, diabetes and other diseases.
  • Biological products currently represent 40% of the total registered products*.
  •  An estimated 50% of all new medicines originate from biotechnologies, and the proportion grows when it comes to the most innovative treatments such as: growth hormones, recombinant growth factors, vaccinations, monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancers and inflammatory and infectious diseases, cell therapy etc.
  • Healthcare biotechnology continues to grow annually at an average rate of 20% -more than double that of traditional pharma - and that it is 7 times larger than it was 10 years ago.
  • The most recent report from PhRMA** reported that more than 600 biotech medicines were being tested to treat more than 100 diseases. Among these 600 biotechnology medicines are:
    • 210 medicines to treat cancer
    • 50 medicines to treat infectious disease
    • 44 to treat autoimmune disorder
    • 22 to treat HIV infection and related conditions
    • And 22 to treat cardiovascular diseases
*taking into account chemical medicines developed with biotechnologies
**The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America